Tele-Board V1.3.5:

This is the first PCB that I manufactured. This PCB designed for Tele-Touch project. It uses Arduino Nano as a controller. This board can drive 5 servo motor individually. Also it has got humidity(DHT11), temperature(LM35) and light intensity sensors. Also card includes two N-Type transistor that user can use in their applications. Also board has got a Sensorboard connector that user can solder and use.


This is board designed for controlling servos over I2C. Board can be connected with multiple PCA9685 boards. Also board have a external power plug for servo’s. I designed this board for PIC-TALK project. This board designed to use as an Arduino Mega shield.

PIC-Board V1.3.2:

This is the first PCB which I use smd components. This board designed for PIC-TALK project. It can drive six vibration motors with N type transistor. Board use Atmega328 as a microcontroller. We burn Arduino firmware in it. We use RJ45 as a connector for glove.