Tele-Touch is now open source and on Github!

I developed this project between 2016-2017. Now it’s ready to share the project as open source. I look forward to your ideas and views. I have received many awards in the project process. Some of those:

  1. (Marmara University) Mechatronics and Innovation Days Freestyle Category – 2nd Prize, 2017
  2. (Izmır Instıtute Of Technology)Iztech Roboleague Turkey 3rd 2017
  3. Kartal’ın Yükselen Yıldızları (Special Award From Municipality) 2017
  4. (TUBITAK)48th Secondary Students Research Project Competition Coding Categories -Turkey 2nd Place, 2017
  5. (TUBITAK)48th Secondary Student Research Projects Competition Programming Category – 1st Prize in Asia Region  1, 2017
  6. (Okan University) Engineering Competition Mechatronics Field – 1st Prize 2017
  7. Romania – 10th Edition Robochallange1st Prize in World2017
  8. Sweden – Swedish Robotchampionship Robot-SM , 1st Prize in World2018
  9. Czech Republic – 15th Robotic Day Freestyle, Tele-Touch Jury Award, 2018
  10. Turkey – (Kemerburgaz University)International Information Science and Applications Project Competition, 1st Prize in World, 2017
  11. Turkey – Cekmekoy Municipality ALIYA IZETBEGOVIC International Science Olympics Technology Category, 1st Prize in World, 2017
  12. (Uskudar University) National Competence and Mentor Network Project Competition – 2nd Prize