Developing And Producing A Prototypical Mobile Information System For Visually Impaired Individuals In Public Transportation

Our Team: Musa Sadik Unal, Ibrahim Enes Aslan, Ersin Ertürk

The aim of this project is to make transportation easier for visually impaired individuals by developing a system with low cost values and high usability. This project seeks to help visually impaired individuals catch their buses and be informed about incoming buses, thereby reducing the transportation problems they encounter every day.

Awarded In:

  1. Turkey – INSPO – International Science Project Olympiad Engineering Category – 3rd Prize in World, 2016
  2. Turkey – Professor Dr. Aziz Sancar International Science Olympics Technology Category – Honorable Mention, 2016
  3. (TUBITAK)47th  High School Students Research Project Competition Computer Category – 1st  Prize in Asia Region, 2016
  4. (ONDER)2nd Science Art Culture Days Project Competition Science Category – 1st  Prize, 2016
  5. (Basaksehir Living Lab) Innivation Contest – 1st  Prize, 2016
  6. (MEF Education Institutions) National and International Research Projects Contest- Physics Category – 3rd Prize 2017
  7. Turkey – Professor Dr. Aziz Sancar International Science Olympics Technology Category – Honorable Mention, 2016

Data and Code:

Will be open source 

Control of Robotic Hand System via Online System with Three Dimensional Hand Motion - TeleTouch

Our Team: Musa Sadik Unal, Abdurrahman Emirhan Unal, Ersin Erturk

Robotics offers an efficient way for assistive devices to maintain many errands. In this study it is aimed to present a proof of concept robotic study that is called TeleTouch. TeleTouch is a robotic system that allows mimicking user’s finger motions/gestures to be transferred in a desired remote location with in an acceptable delay. In the implementation Leap motion sensor, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino systems are used. 3D printers printed Hand model is actuated by Arduino system which is responsible for driving the servo motors connected the hand model. Raspberry PI is used not only for transferring camera view of the hand model to the controlling remote system but also it is used for transferring to finger attributes to the Arduino system. A software is developed in .Net platform to gather the user’s attributes of the fingers from leap motion sensor system. Delay times of the local and remote system investigated and understood that proposed system successfully transfer motion in almost real time.

Awarded In:

  1. (Marmara University) Mechatronics and Innovation Days Freestyle Category – 2nd Prize, 2017
  2. (Izmır Instıtute Of Technology)Iztech Roboleague Turkey 3rd 2017
  3. Kartal’ın Yükselen Yıldızları (Special Award From Municipality) 2017
  4. (TUBITAK)48th Secondary Students Research Project Competition Coding Categories -Turkey 2nd Place, 2017
  5. (TUBITAK)48th Secondary Student Research Projects Competition Programming Category – 1st Prize in Asia Region  1, 2017
  6. (Okan University) Engineering Competition Mechatronics Field – 1st Prize 2017
  7. Romania – 10th Edition Robochallange, 1st Prize in World, 2017
  8. Sweden – Swedish Robotchampionship Robot-SM , 1st Prize in World, 2018
  9. Czech Republic – 15th Robotic Day Freestyle, Tele-Touch Jury Award, 2018
  10. Turkey – (Kemerburgaz University)International Information Science and Applications Project Competition, 1st Prize in World, 2017
  11. Turkey – Cekmekoy Municipality ALIYA IZETBEGOVIC International Science Olympics Technology Category, 1st Prize in World, 2017
  12. (Uskudar University) National Competence and Mentor Network Project Competition – 2nd Prize

Data and Code:

Go Github page

Development of Voice and Sensible Image Reading System for Visually Impaired Individuals

Our Team: Musa Sadik Unal, Ersin Ertürk

In this study; it is aimed to develop a technological product to help visually impaired peoples in their education lifes. This product basically consists of three parts. These; application interface, embossed tablet and glove. The application interface consists of two main parts. The first part is only for visually impaired users. The second part is the section where the volunteers who do not visual impairments but want to contribute to the development of the system. Firstly, in the prepared system, visually impaired person recieve voice information about any image. Beside this voice information, sound files of the object added to the locations where there found in the picture. When the visually impaired person clicked the screen, the sound file of the object will be played. We also prepared a website  for this project.

Awarded In:

  1. (TUBITAK)49th  High School Students Research Project Competition Programming Category – 1st  Prize in Asia Region, 2018
  2. (TUBITAK)49th Secondary Students Research Project Competition Coding Categories -Turkey 2nd Place, 2018

Data and Code:


Designing and Implementing a Linux Driver for AX92903 (Full-size PCI Express Mini Module with CAN Bus)

The aim of this project is to make a driver for AX92903 that can be used in Linux. We also intend to make a recorder that can record incoming messages over the CAN bus. While the software was being developed, a Linux based computer was used. Linux distribution is Ubuntu. The driver is written using the c programming language. Serial communication libraries are used in C programming. CodeBlock IDE was used while writing the program.

Designing and Implementing a Bootloader For STM32F4 Series Microcontrollers

The aim of this project is to make an alternative bootloader for STM32F4 microcontrollers. This bootloader will be communicate over serial port.

Developing and Implementing An Open Source Communication Protocol For Hardware Communication (CHC)

The aim of this project is to make an open source communication protocol that can be used in any electronic project. The project developing for two years. 

Our team: Musa Sadık Unal, Enes Sefa Cetin

Go Github Page

Designing a Open Source Ground Control System for UAV's

This project is under our Aviation Club. I designed a user interface that can communicate with our control card which is located in the UAV. I use Arduino as a controller in UAV.

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