PIC-TALK is now open source!

In this study; it is aimed to develop a technological product to help visually impaired peoples in their education lifes. This product basically consists of three parts. These; application interface, embossed tablet and glove. The application interface consists of two main parts. The first part is only for visually impaired users. The second part is the section where the volunteers who do not visual impairments but want to contribute to the development of the system. Firstly, in the prepared system, a visually impaired person receive voice information about any image. Beside this voice information, sound files of the object added to the locations where they’re found in the picture. When the visually impaired person clicked the screen, the sound file of the object will be played. We also prepared a website for this project.

For Detailed Information: https://github.com/musasadikunal/PICTALK