Science Project Club

One of the first clubs I attended at school was a science club. Through this club I learned many new things and had the opportunity to make projects. I worked with my friends at the club on Physics, Mathematics, Coding, Biology and Mechanical projects. We went to many different competitions with my friends. Both in our province and in very different places. This club made me feel the benefits of being a team and the pleasure it gives when doing science. I am the leader of the club for two years. The projects I have made in this club are as follows.

  1. Developing And Producing A Prototypical Mobile Information System For Visually Impaired Individuals In Public Transportation
  2. Control of Robotic Hand System via Online System with Three Dimensional Hand Motion – TeleTouch
  3. Development of Voice and Sensible Image Reading System for Visually Impaired Individuals

With these projects I made, I got degrees from many different competitions. At the same time, I learned many things on each project. The things I learned were mostly embedded systems and software. I learned a lot from this club, such as writing academic articles and conducting research.


Robotics Club

I realized that we had to have a robotic club at our school. For this purpose I opened the first robotic club in my school. I gave a class about robotics to my friends in this club for a year. In these lessons, I gave lessons especially about programming and Arduino. This club is still going on in our school and many of my friends are going to this club.

Science Travellers Club

This club is actually an event. I took over the presidency of the robotic team in this club. The event was held in our school garden. During the event, many schools visited our projects. We made presentations here. Through this club I learned to express myself better. At the same time we had the chance to show people what we did with a group. Some of the work we did during this event are as follows.

  • Robotic Arm System
  • 2D Printer (CNC)
  • Fruit Piano
  • RFID Card System
  • Flower Irrigation Robot
  • Sonar
  • Height Measure

Aviation Club

Many people have a dream: Fly! Like one of the our biggest dream. We opened the first aviation club in our school with this imagination. We founded the club as 4 friends friends;

  • Tuluğhan Çivioğlu
  • Osman Karakurt
  • Fatih Uçar

We have been working on drones under this club. We also built a fixed-wing aircraft. I have run the electronic and programming presidency of the club. In this process I worked on the ground control stations. We made flight tests of our aircraft. In our first experiments, we usually had failed results. However, we learned to work with many new technologies during this period. In this period, we have information about different flight control cards such as Ardupilot. I love this club so much and after my education I want to get part about that topics.

3D Printing and Modeling Club

I was able to work with many different 3D printers. Some of these printers are:
  1. Leapfrog Creatr HS
  2. Tevo Tarantula
  3. Prusa type a 3D printer
During these studies I build Tevo Tarantula with by brother. I’ve been working at home with this printer. I know Leapfrog printer through my school. I was a attendant student at the school about the printer. Also, I opened the 3D Printer and Modelling Club in the school. I also made the club presidency for a while. I learned slicer programs while working with these printers. Some of these programs are:
  • Cura
  • Craftware
Working with the 3D printers gave me great pleasure and creativity. I could have kept away anything I imagined for the moment. For 3D designs, I learned to use the program named Tinkercad that works over browser. Thanks to this club, I believe that I am adding a lot of nice innovations to a very different areas.