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This project is inspired by the project “inFORM” made by MIT Media Lab and we aim to make a small version with an appropriate price. We also aimed to use this project for visually impaired people in their educational lives. For good documentation from my Github page.


Notes from Big Data Class-3

Foundation Distributed File System = Retrieval (index) , storage (filesystem) Stand-Alone Problems  Large data storage Multiple Process Access Results Mobility We use rock system to solve this Access Concurrency Fault Tolerance Stability Problems: Data Consistency Single Comp. -> Parallel Comp. -> Community Cluster(Affordable, low experimental, distributed systems ) Data Storage Data parallelism Big Data Proggramming Models

Notes from Big Data Class-2

Big Data = Value Big Data Insight Action = Data Science Big Data + Question Analysis = Data Product Amazon: Previous purchase Customer review Recommendation Historical data + new real-time data = Predecting ⇔ Action Passion for data Relate pfob. to insights Eng Sol Curiosity Teamwork Big Data ⇒ Actionable Insight Big Data Strategy Plan of action [Overall

Notes from Big Data Class-1

Volume(Not just value) 204 million email 1.8 million likes in facebook 200000 photos 1.3 million vido 72 hours of video upload 2009 => 0.8 ZB Data 2020 => 36 ZB Data 2449841200 TB data produced each Boeing fly. Precision and safety is important. Problems in Data Processing Storage Data Acquisition Retrieval 2. Velocity It’s important