Category: Electronics

Adventures with Logic Circuits

Two years ago I watched a movie named “The Imitation Game”. This movie gives me a huge inspiration. First of all, I really wonder how computers work. After watching this movie, I learned logic circuits. After some research, I learned this circuit can be made with transistors.  I had already some transistors that can be used. In

Arduino Security Alarm with Backup Battery Circuit

In this project I designed a security alarm for my cousin’s office. It will detect movement from door. I use SIM800L in curcuit. When ypu typed “Kapa” the system will be locked and if detect any movement form door it sends SMS to our phone. Also I use backup battery circuit for any power cut. Thanks to

PIC-TALK is now open source!

In this study; it is aimed to develop a technological product to help visually impaired peoples in their education lifes. This product basically consists of three parts. These; application interface, embossed tablet and glove. The application interface consists of two main parts. The first part is only for visually impaired users. The second part is


This project is inspired by the project “inFORM” made by MIT Media Lab and we aim to make a small version with an appropriate price. We also aimed to use this project for visually impaired people in their educational lives. For good documentation from my Github page.