About my book

Why is it important for a child to write code or try to produce new things? I have thought about this question a lot of time. First of all, writing code or developing a program is purely thought-based. Programming education for children gives him both mathematical and algorithmic thinking ability. Children who are trying to make something new are also, constantly developing their imagination. These talents acquired at an early age will have a great impact on future periods.

I worked with many children during the writing process of the book. The results really surprised me. It made me both happy and surprised that the children had finished an application before the time and made new applications to themselves. At the beginning of our education, a child who was not interested in these kinds of topics became a person who wanted to attend a lesson at the end of the education. In fact, children’s interest in these topics is a result of the curiosity. We just need to help for discovering this treasure. They will be doing it themselves anyway. They will constantly try to learn and try new things. Especially they did something new to himself! You can not stop him that day. I can easily say this; because I have witnessed them personally. There is a lot of program which teach programming to children easily. I can give Scratch the best example. When I first saw it, I felt myself in a game. Every side was colourful and chirpy. By combining blocks only, you can do it like a puzzle. I was attracted to the individuality of the work done on the Scratch and I remember playing the games for a long time. The fact that children are more concrete than virtual scenes is more noticeable. And here we enter our electronics. Throughout our trainings, we tried testing our electronics with Arduino and we got really good results. First of all, we had a little Arduino set. Throughout the day we learned to use all the elements in this set. And ours were a little curious, and we did many different applications outside of our plan. At the end of our training, we preferred Arduino, which can be used both in the beginning and in the future on the electronic topic.

Our purpose in this book is to teach children how simple electronic circuits around them work and how they can do these systems. Actually, I do not want to keep this part too long. Please share with me your comments about the book and all the matters that you have in mind at musaunalsadik@gmail.com. You can also access the tutorials at https://github.com/musa.