Month: July 2018

About my book

Why is it important for a child to write code or try to produce new things? I have thought about this question a lot of time. First of all, writing code or developing a program is purely thought-based. Programming education for children gives him both mathematical and algorithmic thinking ability. Children who are trying to

Notes from Finland Trip

This notes will be about the academic sight of the trip. I had been here for Erasmus Plus about robotics. Now I will write about my opinions about schools which participated in this event. Finland: (Lego Sets, Arduino) They were working with these sets. Also, school have a VEX Robotic team. They had participated different competitions. Poland: (Lego

Notes from Big Data Class-3

Foundation Distributed File System = Retrieval (index) , storage (filesystem) Stand-Alone Problems  Large data storage Multiple Process Access Results Mobility We use rock system to solve this Access Concurrency Fault Tolerance Stability Problems: Data Consistency Single Comp. -> Parallel Comp. -> Community Cluster(Affordable, low experimental, distributed systems ) Data Storage Data parallelism Big Data Proggramming Models

Tele-Touch is now open source and on Github!

I developed this project between 2016-2017. Now it’s ready to share the project as open source. I look forward to your ideas and views. I have received many awards in the project process. Some of those: (Marmara University) Mechatronics and Innovation Days Freestyle Category – 2nd Prize, 2017 (Izmır Instıtute Of Technology)Iztech Roboleague Turkey 3rd 2017 Kartal’ın Yükselen Yıldızları